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Here Are The 30 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken. The Kind That You Never Ever Forget.

'Wait for Me, Daddy' On October 1, 1940, Private Jack Bernard and other volunteers in The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles) were marching smartly down Eighth Street in New Westminster to board a ship and sail off to war. Suddenly, Bernard’s five-year-old son broke free of his mother’s grasp and sprinted into the military formation to take his smiling father’s hand.

Today I've posted my sneak peak/preview of a brand new historical-fiction book called The Scarlet Thief by Paul Fraser Collard. The book is set during the Crimean War and follows the tale of a British solider called Jack Lark. If you like British military history or novels such as Bernard Cornwell's 'Sharpe', then you will love this book so please check it out-it is realised tomorrow!

There has always been wars and natural disasters all over the world. We bring you another collection of photos with the creepiest backstories.

VMSB-244 Bombing Banshees by Jack Fellows Marine Scout-Bombing Squadron 244 (VMSB-244), calling themselves the "Bombing Banshees" was the f...

55 Days at Peking // Directed by Nicholas Ray Produced by Samuel Bronston Written by Philip Yordan Bernard Gordon Robert Hamer Ben Barzman Starring Charlton Heston Ava Gardner David Niven Flora Robson John Ireland Leo Genn Robert Helpmann Kurt Kasznar Paul Lukas Music by Dimitri Tiomkin Cinematography Jack Hildyard Editing by Robert Lawrence Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation Release date(s) May 29, 1963

On This Day - September 8th 1944, The first V-2 rocket was launched at London from the Hague at 6:43 p.m which landed at Chiswick, killing 63-year-old Mrs Ada Harrison, 3-year-old Rosemary Clarke, and Sapper Bernard Browning on leave from the Royal Engineers.