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Large bohemian décor, black and gray wall tapestry, doily dreamcatcher, modern dream catcher, crochet fiber art, giant dream catcher

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ORCHID native american dreamcatcher, batik fabric, large wall hanging, gypsy decor, boho tapestries, boho decor, hippie decor

Macrame Wall Hanging / Macrame Dreamcatcher Silver Gold / Wall Art / Boho Wall Hanging / Wall Tapestry / Macrame Dream Catcher

Modern Macrame Alterna Dream Catcher with Woven Ombre Feature

Crochet: How To Make Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are a Native American tradition. They used them for protection against negative dreams as it was believed they would get caught in the net while the positive dreams…

What you need: How to do it: 1. take the metal hoop and cover it all with the yarn. 2. take the tea bag, and make some tea. Why? no it´s not tea time, put the white doily in the tea to make it look older and more natural. Then let is try. 3. …