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Μπορείς να φτιάξεις την τέλεια πόλη;

This Real Life Sim City Will Be A Testing Ground For New Transportation Technologies

Hyperrealistic Rainy Windshield Drawings by Elizabeth Patterson (via Colossal)

Rainscapes: Hyperrealistic Rainy Windshield Drawings by Elizabeth Patterson water rain landscapes hyperrealism drawing

St. Paul, Minnesota, c. 1908. "Wabasha Street." Abundantly equipped with fraternal organization, painless dental parlors, purveyors of cigars and prosthetic eyeballs, optician-jeweler (with the 8:17 clock-sign) and "Business Men's Lunch (And 2 Beers)" for 15 cents.

Paul, Minnesota in 1908 - Wabasha Street view, print / photo, NICE

In "Neon Luminance," San Francisco-based photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard transform the scenic waterfalls of Northern California into psychedelic spectacles using a colorful range of high-powered, military-grade glow sticks.

Halle Neustadt, Berlin - blueprint of a DDR design for living

The Ideal Communist City vs. Smart Growth in Halle-Neustadt, East Germany.


How midwives make a difference when there’s an emergency at home…

2010 - Photo by Paul Kolnik  Ashley Bouder, who brings a tough-grained hardness to Dewdrop, soars above some younger members of the production.

Ashley Bouder as Dewdrop in Act 2 of Balanchine's The Nutcracker, NYCB. Photo by Paul Kolnik

America's Housing Patterns - aerial views and definitions of america's housing patterns, good and bad

America's Housing Patterns - aerial views and definitions of america's housing patterns, good and bad

Car use declining in North America |

[daily dose of imagery] king facades

Жилой район Якриборг, расположенный между Мальмё и Лундом

Jakriborg, Sweden — a Car-free Village, Recently Built from Scratch

let's get out of here

this is what the (second block of a six-block) line for one of the three Brooklyn - Manhattan shuttle buses looked like, as of about an hour ago. If you’re not walking to work today you’re probably not getting in. [photo by Virginia Laird]

Varosha: A totally abandoned 1970's city in Cyprus. #LostCity

Abandoned Mediterranean Resort: Varosha Quarter in Famagusta, Cyprus « Sometimes Interesting

New York University BA in English and Creative Writing MS in Direct and Interactive Marketing

I would wear this look to my classes at NYU.

Q with 'Gridlock Sam' Schwartz: Why We Need Cyclist Bridges | MetroFocus | THIRTEEN http://www.thirteen.org/metrofocus/2012/03/qa-with-gridlock-sam-schwartz-why-we-need-cyclistpedestrian-only-bridges/#

Pedestrian Bridge concept connecting Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

James Rojas with his model of downtown Long Beach

James Rojas and his participatory urban design building blocks.

Can smartphones make students pay attention? | ReadWriteWeb 5/16

Class App: Can Smartphones Make Students Pay Attention?

Students in a chemistry lecture, The University of Iowa,