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Welcome Enlighten Family! How are you? The Amazing Angels Selected the "Reflection" card for our reading today. ~ Reflect upon & Bless all the wondrous times in our lives. Give thanks for the many Blessings we receive each day. My Dear Brothers & Sisters, we can connect energetically to those we Love (living or dead) by simply feeling them inside our heart. Life is Beautiful! Namaste with Gratitude! I am, Cindy xox

How are you Dear Spiritual Family? We welcome the last Monday in February. Are you excited for March to arrive, like I am? :) The Angelic Realm of the Universe, selected this message for us today: They say good news is coming our way! Something beautiful is about to manifest - feelings of elation, like we are on a cloud. ~ My Excited Brothers & Sisters, it is a time to celebrate all the wonder & beauty in our lives. Namaste With Bliss & Love, I am Truly, Cindy, xox xox

Our life is unfolding in accordance with the Divine Will of our soul. Trust. We must try and let go of fear & apprehension. We are protected & eternally blessed. We must have patience, for all will manifests in perfect timing. ~ My Amazing Brothers & Sisters, if you know that you are deserving of all that is Divine, and never doubt this, then you live an abundant life. It is that simple.. We create our reality, by what we think, say & do. I wish you all Namaste. I am Cindy xox cindyshealing…

Today's Angel Card Message is "Blessings." The Angels say: Blessings! We are being showered with light. Our creativity is being stirred, activated, set alight! An endless stream of rainbow color stems from our hearts. ~ My Blessed Brothers & Sisters, with Spring coming this week, our passions will be awaken. New life and excitement, we will see just how blessed we really are! Gratitude is given. Namaste with Great Love & Light, I am Excited, Cindy xox

Happy St Patrick's day my Amazing Spiritual Friends. How are you? Today's Angel Card message is "Magic." Magic. Blessings. Transformation. A blessing in disguise is coming our way. Keep an open heart & mind. ~ My Blessed Brothers & Sisters, stay positive & in the knowing that you are deserving of blessings, this will bring you peace. When you are in the state of peaceful knowing, your blessings are much easier to recognize. Namaste with Delight & Love, I am Cindy xox

Hello Spiritual Family. We are so Blessed with the energy of Love, for us to always give and also receive. Its no wonder that God's Angels selected the "Heart's Desire" card for today. They say: We are being showered with Love. Our time of waiting will soon be over. All our heart's deepest desires will be fulfilled. ~ My Darling Brothers & Sisters, I am so delighted about this. And you should be too.. My Love is sent to you, as I wish you all Namaste.. I am Divinely, Cindy xox…

Enlighten Friends welcome & God bless you! Today the Angels selected the "Speak Your Truth" card for our reading. ~ Stand up for what we believe in, regardless of the consequences. Speak your truth regardless of what other may think. My Dear Brothers & Sisters, it's time to stand in our own power. Shine for the world to see. Namaste with Power! I am, Cindy xox

There is nothing sadder than looking back on some part of our lives with regret. Wondering what we could have done better or what we should have done. ~ My Amazing Brothers & Sisters, Just Go For It! Sometimes it's better to try & fail than not at all. All is not lost, we still have time to turn this situation around. We must let go of fear & apprehension & follow our heart! Namaste with Great Love & Light, I am simply, Cindy xox

Welcome Enlighten Ones, The Angels Love us so much that they selected the "Kuan Yin" card for today's reading. Enjoy the journey of life. Be not afraid of its mysteries. Take a chance & follow your heart, for you are being guided by an Angel. ~ My Amazing Brothers & Sisters, if you have been wavering about proceeding with something that you really want to do, this is your confirmation.. go right ahead! Namaste with Divine Light, I am, Cindy xox