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Thar She Blows!... Why the use of she and her for inanimate objects, like boats,cars, and airplanes. I am familiar the use of the feminine when referring to cars, boats, airplanes, as well as unpredictable behavior. Storms were considered unpredictable, unstoppable, damaging, and feminine. Read why on my blog, here:

from Forever Amber

Blogging Tips: How I More Than Doubled My Pinterest Traffic in 30 Days

how I more than doubled my Pinterest traffic

from British Vogue

Dita Von Teese On Dresses Collection

My fashion icon: Dita Von Teese

"Things that are acceptable to the masses are generally mediocre, in my opinion." Dita Von Tesse. My hero!

All of these lovely betties and more are at Please check out my other blogs and pages here. Something for everyone (Almost) and I ALWAYS follow back! Cheers

sugar skull pin-up girl. This is it!!!! Sooo the start of my sleeve!!!!!

#PinUp inspiration of the day. Plus model and fashion blogger Teer Wayde

Capsule Wardrobe: 10 items, 26 outfits for Rockabilly fashion. Miss Victory Violet.

This gals site is a treasure store of home design:) Also links up to other great blogs!