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Vaccines and Childhood Stroke

Skipping vaccination can predispose children to serious infections, some of which can cause a serious stroke.

Did You Know That a Stroke is More Likely in Winter?

Strokes are more common in the winter months. Find out why and learn how to protect yourself and minimize your stroke risk during winter months.

Depression After a Stroke

Depression is very common after a stroke. Learn how to recognize and overcome depression after a stroke.

Yoga for Stroke

Yoga can be an effective therapy during stroke recovery, especially for help with strength, balance and pain.

Can you fly after a stroke?

If you have had a stroke or a TIA, you may be worried about flying. Learn what issues may surround strokes and plane travel.

This Girl Suffered a Stroke...And She's Not Even Close to Being a Granny

Cholesterol Screening is Recommended for Children Ages 9-11

Young children can have high cholesterol, which increases the risk of stroke. Find out more about the guidelines and recommendations.