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When someone brings up your ex

I love this movie.but this is how I feel when ppl talk shit about me

Viernes y de puente.

What Is 'Haters Gonna Hate'?: 'Haters Gonna Hate' is a popular online catchphrase that says 'just ignore those negative comments'

I'm that friend

I'm that friend

How my future love story will go

How my future love story will go

Funny pictures about They're a bunch of weirdos. Oh, and cool pics about They're a bunch of weirdos. Also, They're a bunch of weirdos.

lol I'm "Y U NO" guy, my favorite, I do question a lot and I'm not the rest, seems accurate :p

I'm a troller...what about you? ;)

Funny pictures about Choose your horoscope. Oh, and cool pics about Choose your horoscope. Also, Choose your horoscope.

meme faces - Google Search

Car pulled up 3 feet from front door. his daughter is outside in the car needing a room. could the lazy bitch not walk in here & ask herself?


i will if you will. My bestfriend and I say this all the time !

Lol, should I do it??? XD

Will somebody call this number ! <<< I called it the guy said "yep sure is" I hung up before anything else could be said<< my phone said that the code I dialed was incorrect. But it was the same number

Oh Lord yes!

With my girlfriend at the cinema Actually she' s FWD my girlfriend Hello q please sir. That moment when you are so nerdy looking that the guy behind the counter already knows you're going to see the Hobbit.