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SANTOS kitchen | Minos, solution upon solution. Vertical stacking provides additional storage space and permits several appliances to be included in a reduced space. In this case, the oven and the dishwasher have been placed together in the same 60 cm wide tall unit just opposite the washing area.

SANTOS kitchen | Additional work areas. The interior of the unit offers, in the lower area, wooden boxes which help keep things tidy and enable the storage of food and other objects that are used daily basis in the kitchen. It also includes an additional work area which includes plugs and a lighting system. And the high storage area is equipped with wooden grill shelves.

SANTOS kitchen | Solutions for the laundry Tall unit containing the washing machine and dryer. One of the cupboards contains the washing machine and the dryer and also has room for the washing powder and fabric softener.

SANTOS kitchen | Minos, capacity and accessibility. A kitchen layout with tall units permits multiple functions in a reduced space: a storage and preparation area inside the rolling shutter units, a fridge with pull-out drawers and an oven.

SANTOS kitchen | Minos, solutions for organising space. The most frequently used utensils are found together in spacious 60 cm deep drawers that are able to hold up to 65 kg and are equipped with pull-out accessories made of natural wood.

Cuines SANTOS | Minos, la distribució en "U": Tot molt a prop. A més a més de facilitar la feina perquè tot està a la vora ens permet comptar amb una península que podem utilitzar com un espai de treball addicional o com una taula en la que podem gaudir còmodament d'un àpat sense haver d'anar a la menjador.

SANTOS kitchen | Making the most of every little space. It is in small kitchens is where organisational solutions are most appreciated. The sink unit equipped with an inner drawer manages to make the most of the minimum space: four waste bins and the cleaning utensils in just 60 cm.

SANTOS kitchen | Minos, reduced plinth: more capacity. The height of the plinth is reduced to 9 cm to leave more space for the units and gain extra capacity.

SANTOS kitchen | Santos's standard: optimising space. Santos has a standard 81 cm high base unit with 60 cm deep drawers that can support up to 65 kgs. This allows for more storage space, offering up to 20% more capacity than the standard market 50 cm drawer.

SANTOS kitchen | The living room and the dining areas are distributed according to the space reserved for the kitchen, the nerve centre of the home.The large scale of the house permits the island to be the main attraction, not only being the preparation area but also offering important storage solutions.