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Simone Renee's Natural Hair Journey - Chop Chop

fantastic article on just how good journaling is for your wellbeing.

from e.a. deverell

Character Motivation Worksheet

Creative Writing Worksheet

from HubPages

A Simple Guide to Teaching Resilience

Resilience Poster - promoting resilience in schools

from Lifehack

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Simple ways for self improvement - what are you doing well now? what would you like to improve?

from Val Marie Paper

Risk & Rest :: A Challenge

Awesome free printable worksheets , think I'll include it when putting together strong bonds / reintegration binders

My poster showing crystals with healing properties to motivate you

8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving - a life time of learning

from Berry

Daily motivation (25 photos)

I would add, "With God," because I can do all things through Him, and nothing for very long without Him.

from Laughing Squid

AgeMaps, Spliced Portraits of People As Youths and Adults

This image works as a photo montage because it combines what people look like when they are young and when they are older.