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Kids Art Lesson: Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage

Art Lessons for Kids - Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage Activity. This is great for homeschool families or anyone who has kids who love art!

how to use oil pastels

Discovering Great Artists Kandinsky - preschoolers experiment with oil pastels. MAK note: Can't get enough of circles!

International Dot Day Lesson Plan - International Dot Day, a celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration. THE DOT, by Peter Reynolds, 2003 This lesson plan celebrates International Dot Day with a student art exhibition based on the color study Farbstudie Quadrate, by the French Expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky, well known for his color theory. Students are introduced to the experimentation with color mixing, and create a piece of art to be part of a large, collaborative exhibit…

32x26 inch Wassily Kandinsky Farbstudie Quadrate 1913 Framed Print

0-028287>32x26" Wassily Kandinsky Farbstudie Quadrate 1913 Framed Print

NEW-Farbstudie-Quardrate-By-Wassily-Kandinsky-abstract-canvas-handmade-oil-paintings-reproduct-hand-paintedoil-paintings-artwork.jpg (1200×800)