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How can you enter eternity when eternity is all time? We are in it, but not of it. How is this even possible?

Forget mindfulness, stop trying to find yourself and start faking it

Why is the history of Chinese philosophy now the most popular course at Harvard? Top tips on how to become a better person according to Confucius and co

In a world of many distractions, the Buddhist sage says, it may be our own cravings that may be most deleterious to our well-being. Watch and listen.

Career Guidance - The Mindset Shift That Will Improve Your Performance at Everything

Science Just Confirmed One of Buddhism's Main Ideas

This is great article on how is happiness connected to mindfulness.

How Mindfulness Is Changing Law Enforcement

Dave Hartlung and colleagues in the El Cerrito police department learning to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of their feelings and surroundings.

Mindfulness Therapy Works as Well as Antidepressants in Treating Depression, Study Finds

Mindfulness-based meditation teacher Saki Santorelli debates the need for mindfulness in public schools.

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