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gyr gray зурган илэрцүүд

Falcons are medium sized birds of prey found all across the world although falcons tend to prefer the more temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. More


This Artist Combines Two Asian Arts To Create Works That Will Fly Off The Page

Photos and drawings, art and #CreativeAdvertising. Fotos y dibujos, el arte y la #PublicidadCreativa. By #KarlMartens

Gyrfalcon This owl is just amazingly beautiful and gracious. I can't even begin to imagine what he is thinking.Not an owl---a falcon.

GYRFALCON (Falco rusticolus) - The largest falcon in the world, the Gyrfalcon breeds in arctic and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere. It preys mostly on large birds, pursuing them in breathtakingly fast and powerful flight.

Gyr Falcon , wood engravings by Colin See-Paynton

Majestic Falcon.. (by FalcoPeregrinus) Lovely falcon! Makes me think of the one at Medieval Times! ^^

So beautiful and soo mighty brave and strong.

White Gyrfalcon, the official bird of The Northwest Territories