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Adv_354. Aside from the marriages and deaths, we discover that Matter-Eater Lad has become the president of his home planet, Bismoll, and Colossal Boy in retirement after an injury. Polar Boy disbanded the Substitute Legion and became a member of the Legion. All of these elements would come into play in later stories.

Colossal Boy - Legion of Superheroes

The original Legion of Substitute Heroes was a five-member team: Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad, Night Girl, Stone Boy, and Polar Boy, who conceived the idea of the Substitutes and served as team leader. All were Legion hopefuls who had tried out for the Legion, but were rejected due to their powers being considered too limited or otherwise inadequate.

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Star Boy II - Legion of Superheroes

A host of awful costumes on this page. Cosmic Boy, Ultra Boy and Lightning Lad…

Sun Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes by Dave Cockrum.

Chameleon Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes by Dave Cockrum.