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Yes, that time of the year is looming when university applicants should begin crafting an essay masterpiece of no more than 4,000 characters. Here is a great 10-step guide from The Student Room that contains sage advice like "it is never too early to start!"

The 10 most important pieces of advice for anyone starting A-levels, courtesy of our friends at The Student Room. Some points may appear obvious but how quickly they can be forgotten!

This Study Planner is a great free resource from The Student Room. There are hundreds out there but this one is on our recommended list.

If you are an art student applying to The New School be careful with The Parsons Challenge. It asks for 500 words on the website but the application specifies 3,000 characters. It can make a big difference if you cut and paste your essay!

Several leading medical and dentistry colleges require students to take the UK Clinical Aptitude Test. Candidates have just one shot at the test during the year and it should be taken by October prior to applications.

There are about 100,000 UCAS applications for university law courses every year so, yes, it is competitive! A-Level grades determine success (often three As with one A*) and the personal statement is an important element. However, another requirement is the LNAT, an online testing programme run by Pearson.

Britain remains mired in the Brexit fiasco but the government appears to have listened to repeated warnings about an imminent threat to the UK's status as Europe's educator-in-chief. Statistic of the week: 665,000 students were studying offshore for a UK degree in the academic year 2014/15.

An excellent video from Dani, an Oxford-bound student whose revision playlist is featured on our Economics Extra board. We have selected just three tutorials on How to Write a Personal Statement here and all are complementary so no excuses come the final draft!

The Common Application is the closest equivalent to UCAS in the United States. It is also available for international students and, be warned, it requires a great deal of research and concentration. Not all colleges are part of this centralised application scheme but once you have made your choice and done some homework the portal is extremely user-friendly.

How the UK might surpass America’s dominance in higher education

OUR VIEW: Excellent piece offered as more evidence that competition to attract international students is becoming fierce. The US has long been the destination of choice, followed closely by the UK, but parents are increasingly alarmed by the often exorbitant college fees levied in the US. And rightly so.