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Bernie Cult people are nuts!! Obviously they have no interest in keeping the White House blue. #HillaryForAmerica

Wow he was right! (We all witnessed the greatest loss of freedom in the days that followed the Boston bombing ... who would have thought citizens would line the streets cheering police /swat /DHS. The new normal is door to door searches at gunpoint. That's something to cheer about ... the big story is not the bombing is the lost freedom and society's willingness to embrace martial law ...that's the story )

Why are so many republicans...especially trump supporters... bigoted, reality denying, paranoid, conspiracy loving, idiots? When will we, as a society, stop catering to their particular brand of stupidity, stand up to them, and tell them straight to their faces: STOP trying to force your willfull ignorance onto me, my fellow citizens, and into our government! If you want to selfishly ignore facts and twist the truth to fit your bigotries so be it, but you have NO RIGHT to force it on others…

THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!! Funny because I don't remember Atheist people flying planes into buildings,bombing marathons,covering up child abuse scandals, starting religious wars, etc. etc The list goes on....

Breaking Fluoride News : Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ

Depopulation - David Icke Website. I wonder if that includes him and his family?? The rich and the Hollywood people would not be included in that of course.

It's astounding how Haters (especially of Christians) use a great Christian's quotes to spread something exactly the opposite... their own hatred!...Here I make room only for love. <3 #change

Anyone who thinks the war on women is imaginary really needs to start paying attention. Thanks to Americans Against The Republican Party for sharing this with us.