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Bird tattoos may very well be the modern equivalent of rose tattoos on the ankle of the From tiny black outlined trios on the wrist, to swallows gracing a young lady’s back, these tatts are quite popular and come in many different varieties.

My life would be complete, you have no idea.  YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY ID BE!!!!!!! I WILL CRY AND AND LAUGH AND JUMP AND EMOTIONS...

My life would be complete, you have no idea. I would probably cry, but that's okay.

Perks of Being a Wallflower Tattoos photo Hannah Scott's photos

"And in that moment I swear we were infinite" Perks of Being a Wallflower quote so would hold a lot of meaning for me as it is a favorite book of mine. I love that it's written in the infinity symbol too. I love this

fall down seven times, stand up eight

Here's the thing: I HATE this quote. You cannot stand up more times than you fall down. You fall seven times, you get up 7 times. You can't phantom stand up one time.

I absolutely love this placement. I would get a little closer to the heart and have this quote: "Tune my heart to sing thy praise..."

I am going to get six birds on my collar bone to symbolize my dad, my mom, my three sisters, and my brother. I would have it placed on my left side of my collar bone if that makes sense lol