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Winter Lip Shades You Can't Live Without I love a good winter lip as much as the next gal. I like ones that don't require much maintenance but still give off the perfect winter look. Below are some of my favourites. From top to bottom;Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in 'Double Dare' I love everything about this product; the packaging the colour the formula. All these elements pretty much make up the perfect liquid lipstick. Double Dareis quite a subtle dark pink making it suitable for all year…

T R A N S F O R M A T I O N For this #transformationtuesday I want to share a little about how my body has changed from having two babies This doesn't happen to all women but quite often the stomach and boobies stretch so much during pregnancy & breastfeeding that the skin can be left with stretch marks loose skin and even permanent loss of breast tissue can occur I experienced the worst of this when I had Mia at 16 (not so much with Sienna at 22) and it really affected my confidence I…

b e d a n d b r e a k f a s t... I LOVE these colors together... Could I redecorate my bathroom like this? White cabinets, lovely wallpaper, gray/blue towels and white?

I love this game so much. We play this sometimes in class and I'm almost always in the top five. The best thing is to name yourself something from a fandom

"Why do you travel?" Have you ever ask yourself that question? We are doing a series on this topic because we believe there is so much more to traveling than simply seeing places. Comment this photo with your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you! here:

This reminds me of our old character villa as a child, with the brilliant deep coloured vintage roses.. I love heirloom roses SO much!!!..

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