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I have too many flaws to be perfect...but I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.

I have to many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.

The power of 1️⃣

one smile, can start a friendship. one word, can end a fight. one word can save a relationship. one individual can change your life

..mistakes but not choices..

~Martial art Bruce Lee quotes – "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

Respect yourself and have some dignity.

Desperation shows you have no dignity nor self respect.no one will be sympathetic nor empathetic because by your desperate actions you strike out hurting anyone in your path.

Everybody’s weird

Everybody’s weird

Johnny Depp: "I think everybody's weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it"

The last one might just become my new mantra

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Lack of empathy is at the heart and true nature of someone with narcissistic personality. Sociopaths lack empathy too.


Sometimes uou have to move on without certain people. If they're meant to be in your life they'll catch up.

so very true: no one listens with an open heart anymore

Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you. ~Carl Jung *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life~ Adopt