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Chocolate Bed Endless Picdump

Now you can have sweet dreams of a chocolate paradise when you go to sleep in your very own chocolate bar bed set! Looking like something out of Willy .

Run Like White Walkers Are Chasing You #awesome #snow

Let's go to the gym and squat like we're big booty hoes! Work out hard at the gym and do some squats to get the big booty you dream of! Squat down low and lift heavy weights while you workout your booty in this funny workout shirt!

- http://lolsvillage.com/?p=3095

white elephant gift: when life gives you lemons. make lemonade. Include lemonade recipe with all the ingredients! Totally doing this for next years Christmas White Elephant


Toaster + iPhone Charger: iPhones pop up when fully charged, i want this to be a thing!