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Hi I'm Audrey, the girl who fell up the stairs in front of you and still believes in prince charming-- fully equipped with an immature sense of humour, I will forever live for the Mars cookies at Safeway. I...

I'm Tina from Bob's Burgers. Going back to school for Electron Microscopy. Reading. Drawing. Pastel colors. Housewife projects. Minimalism. Indecisive. Aidan Gillen. ASOIAF. Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch. James McCavoy 🔬📓✏️📷👓🍻💃🏻

Beautiful Flowers Collections: Nails by @niamhokav Are your nails more styled than your outfit? Do you have more art on your fingertips than your walls? Is your stash of polish taking over every cupboard in your house? Sounds like you could have an Ob