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Bonanza - Television Tropes & Idioms. I have this vague recollecton of my mum liking this one, and my dad kind of teasing her about it .. but he sat and watched it all the same. lol

Dungeons & Dragons - awesome 80's cartoon. Shame about the whiny unicorn, the whiny kid, and the fact that they never resolved it all.

♛ lowkey just wanna remind all these mules who are sayin that 'dany is gonna go crazy like the mad king and be the main villain of the story' that my homegirl ain't bein no tyrant. she has done some harsh things but only to facilitate freedom & justice in the long run. we all saw in 610 that cersei is the pyromaniac mad evil one, so let's not get too hasty about the khaleesi, eh? jeez ♛


Nigerian Meat Pies

Nigerian Meat Pies The spicy, curry-flavored meat pie, a staple of Lagosian food culture, came about when a traditional Cornish pasty met the Nigerian spice palate.


On the Road: Jack Kerouac gets the Hollywood treatment

(Previous Pinner) "Don't worry, bro. You'll love it here." Daniel flung his arm over Josh's shoulder. "We do all sorts of fun stuff! Plus we got some pretty good lookers around here, if you know what I mean." He winked at Josh. Josh just chuckled lightly. "Yea, I'm sure you do. But right now though I've only got one girl in mind." Then he walked into the house that would be his home for the spring.

I'm in two minds about codependency, because I don't believe that it's necessarily a bad thing. In fact, to a various extent, all loving relationships are indeed codependent.