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I love fur, but has to be real. More environmentally friendly by far than fake or so called "vegan" leather...plastics..which pollute the earth in their making. And yes, I hunt my own, thanks.

Black Otter Mini Rex rabbits can live for 8-10 years but some have been known to live to 14 years old!

Abolutely gorgeous sable............My Fave, hands down ............ #Fashion Passion to Fur world OMG. I would ask for nothing else ever of I got this coat!

Détails sur 2015 MILANO silver fox fourrure cashmere poncho classe vison zibeline manteau renard veste saga- afficher le titre d'origine

2015 Milano Silver FOX FUR Cashmere Poncho Class Mink Sable FOX Coat Jacket Saga | eBay

Natural barguzin sable fur coat like jacket chinchilla royal saga mink lynx fox

Natural Barguzin Sable Fur Coat Like Jacket Chinchilla Royal Saga Mink Lynx Fox | eBay