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Simple Small Tattoo Ideas for Women - Heart Rib Tatt - Minimal Love Soul Wrist Tat at MyBodiArt.com

30 Free and Simple Small Tattoo Ideas for the Minimalist

One of my favorite plants ... Oxalis Triangularis "Sunny"

triangularis) if in a container can be in a shady spot outdoors for spring and summer, then brought indoors to serve as a houseplant. The oxalis is aka the shamrock.

Via Pinterest, where the link to the original is broken. Anyone know where this came from?

A few good gems

A different kind of string art. DIY Dream Catcher-Make your child choose their favorite shape or use their initial(s) and their own color threads

perfect for the outerside back of my right hand, one inch away from wrist, towards knuckle of little finger

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If you’ve read this blog at all you know I love felt. I have an entire bin full just waiting for me to craft it into something fabulous. Sadly, time seems to be escaping me and I have yet to …

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