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Digging dog? Create a sandbox just for his digging! I like the idea of the short wall surrounding to keep the sand IN the sandbox!

nirvana. kurt cobain. cross. crows. black and white photograph. | RP » I'm so happy. Cause today I found my friends. They're in my head.

If you claim to be a Whovian you MUST at the very LEAST know there were Doctors before Eccleston! Extra points if you can name them I may just marry you if you can name them in order! lol

My mom was watching this episode with me, and she was like "That would be my first concern too."

Someone Clearly Hasn't Seen Any Classic Who <-- I feel sorry for the fans who are freaking out because he's not young and "gorgeous" (by your limited standards). He's going to be awesome and you're going to miss out on so much!

Great idea for promoting classroom kindness by teaching kids the difference between unnecessary tattling & important reporting.

That's one way of getting there, Marionette..... *facepalm* xx

That's one way of getting there, Marionette..... *facepalm* xx

I love his face in the last panel. That is totally an "oh crap" face. Though, he's probably thibking a few stronger words than "crap".

NY A.G. Schneiderman Uncovers And Stops Wrongful Medical Claim Processing That Overcharged Consumers