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Amen!!  Why anyone likes that look baffles me. Pants falling down below underwear is indecent, really DUMB LOOKING and says nothing but negative things about the person.

Funny pictures about Pull your pants up. Oh, and cool pics about Pull your pants up. Also, Pull your pants up.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm.."

Funny and hilarious signs: Funny warning signs: Touching wires causes instant death.

I can totally see Shawn saying this when Courtney gets older. Lol

That awesome! Dad please do this! I threw a shotgun shell at my daughter's date. Told him it's much faster after 10 pm Duck Dynasty

Whew!  Good to know!

The importance of Clarity - Septic tanks pumped, Swimming pools filled, not same truck

Great!  That's a clear "sign" there must be a waffle shop around here somewhere. Breakfast here we come.

The nude people I get but waffles! Who the fudge is eating waffles at the beach?

tell them not to do it and they will

Funny pictures about Human nature summed up. Oh, and cool pics about Human nature summed up. Also, Human nature summed up.

26 Quotes About Diversity

Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is if you disagree with someone's lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is to love someone means you agree with everything they say or do. That is nonsense. Try to Duck this truth!

Need to learn to do this ~ life lesson. be a guide. a mentor. outline what you need and how to accomplish it. share that knowledge. Keep it in your notebook for next year.