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hahaha rupert!

How will Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) spend their first paychecks? So funny!


Harry Potter feels <---- you think who came up with this and shattered my heart into a million pieces? << This really hurts my heart, WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE 😫

Just one word

Funny pictures about A better love story. Oh, and cool pics about A better love story. Also, A better love story photos.


Did you know? Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe thought Justin Bieber was a woman. Daniel Radcliffe: Ten points to Gryffindor<<<what do you mean 10 points! Make it Heck just give them the house cup!

Fred and George Weasly.  These two are genius.

"True Weasleys, sarcasm at its finest." - Also, I'm sorry, but I feel like that was just a dumb question. My twin and I say we were college roommates

Cuando menos te lo esperas... ¡Dean Thomas! - Casi nunca se acuerdan de ellos Gracias a http://www.cuantarazon.com/ Si quieres leer la noticia completa visita: http://www.estoy-aburrido.com/cuando-menos-te-lo-esperas-dean-thomas-casi-nunca-se-acuerdan-de-ellos/

I laughed way too hard at this! Dean is always there! Lol I first Ron and Hermione shiper

Oh yeah

Stupid muggle schools and their non magical ways

Harry Potter

9 Times Harry Potter Perfectly Resonated with Tumblr Users

Funny pictures about I would gladly trade places with them. Oh, and cool pics about I would gladly trade places with them. Also, I would gladly trade places with them.

Perfect! pleasee

Harry Potter remake with Emma Watson as Professor McGonagall, Daniel Radcliffe as Snape, and Tom Felton as Professor Dumbledore! I would watch In 30 years I'm gonna be i would OBVIOUSLY still watch it!

Bloody Brilliant

Even better its a drawing of a key my favorite of the pirates of the Caribbean was dead man's chest and black pearl just because of the way he entered the movie

Oh, yeah. Meeting your soulmate in a hidden chamber that holds a giant killer snake inside. Hm, maybe that's where I'll meet my soulmate.......... and then he'll propose to me there and I'll cry even more than he expected because he proposed to me in a place that means so much to me.

Great Garage Doors

Chamber of Secrets: Bringing couples together since 1992 Lol so true