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It took me a long time to accept that things don't often go your way you put yourself out there and work your butt off and try to do something great or different and sometimes it just doesn't work out.....that's part of the journey it's part of the process! Things won't always go your way and they won't always work out and when everything seems like it's going against you that is the time to push harder than you've ever pushed before not fold up and give in! One thing I have learnt and can…

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Look For These Repetitive Behaviors in Autism

"My mind sort of works like a search engine. You ask me something, and I start seeing pictures." Temple Grandin

grabbing her jacket Elise walked out of the building ready to hand herself in and start her new life free from the gang/mob now that Spire Bank and his right hand men were dead (aged 20)

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Bethany Mota's Success Secrets!