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What Do Repetitive Autistic Behaviors Look Like?

"My mind sort of works like a search engine. You ask me something, and I start seeing pictures." Temple Grandin

grabbing her jacket Elise walked out of the building ready to hand herself in and start her new life free from the gang/mob now that Spire Bank and his right hand men were dead (aged 20)

Is three screens on one laptop too many?

How to Start An Email Newsletter - 4 part series - ohksocialmedia When was the last time you got a really awesome, entertaining, inspiring newsletter? What is it because my friend, I want to check that shit out. Do you currently have a newsletter? What’s worked for you? What hasn’t? What has held you back from starting one? Share your thoughts below and I promise to respond personally!

I like to imagine that that's *Jack's* blood and Sherlock is trying to figure out why the heck a dead man just got up.