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Pork Adobo

First time i made this & it is going into the dinner menu line up! Pork Adobo - Filipino-style pork stew is made with meat cubes simmered in garlic and vinegar-soy sauce mixture

Ube Halaya Recipe

Ube Halaya Recipe by Chef Boy Logro Ingredients: Ube Root, boiled and…

Ginisang Upo at Hipon

Ginisang Upo at Hipon


Shrimp Lumpia

Pastillas de Leche Ingredients:2 cups powdered milk3/4 can condensed milk½ cup granulated sugarHow to cook:1. Place the condensed milk in a mixing bowl.2. Slowly fold-in the powdered milk. Mix well.3. Place the mixture in the fridge for 10-15 minutes (to avoid mixture to be too sticky when molding)4. Scoop 1/2 tbsp of the mixture and mold into cylinders.5. Roll each molded cylindrical mixture on granulated sugar.6. Wrap in paper or cellophane.7. Serve as a dessert or as a treat.

Filipino Recipe Pastillas de Leche 2 cups powdered milk can condensed milk ½ cup granulated sugar. Reminds me of when I was kiddo, only now I realize how bad (yet tasty) these are!

ginataang gulay filipino recipe

ginataang hipon at gulay filipino recipe (coconut shrimp with veggies soup)

Kinilaw recipe, Filipino Recipes

Rolled with pork and shrimp spring wrappers and long fried with vegetables.

Panara is an appetizer dish made from chopped upo (bottle gourd) and minced shrimp wrapped in a wonton wrapper and deep fried until golden brown. This dish is comparable to pinsec frito and fried siomai.

15 món ăn ngon phải thử khi đến Philippines - http://congthucmonngon.com/45686/15-mon-ngon-phai-thu-khi-den-philippines.html

Shrimp Lumpia — potato chips are not dinner./Includes recipe for vinegar dipping sauce