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Cute little dress by Alicia Paulson design by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen by Geoade

maxi col

İnfinity Crochet Women Scarf Men ScarfCowl by Stylishknitting

Tricots et crochet : moufles et mitaines

1001 mitaines

A very pretty heart motif for Valentine's Day 4U from #KnittingGuru ** http://KnittingGuruDesigns.blogspot.com

DIY Crochet Strawberry Pattern

Strawberry is so sweet now, are we getting inspired to make more strawberry projects for this strawberry season? Want to decorate your home and yourself wi

mittens - I wish I could knit, crochet . all those neat crafty things. :( but these mittens are so cute!

use felt soles when crocheting slippers

use felt soles when crocheting shoes - great idea. i don't like walking in crocheted bottems all the time. I use leather just like this then cut felt a little smaller and glue on the inside when slipper is finished, makes them last longer.

The Sky Scarf: one row a day for a year, matched to the color of the sky that day. Today is the day to start this, slightly wider and in moss stitch. Happy New Year!.

"Sky Scarf" project - document the weather outside your window. Gather yarn in a nice range of blues and grays. Each day knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. The pattern turns 365 days of sky observations into a five-foot long scarf.