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from Mail Online

Council paints over street artist Banksy's graffiti - worth millions!

We respect those with authority unconditionally, when even they sweep the messy things under the rug. Out of site, out of mind.

Anarchy doesn't mean chaos or disorder, it means freedom from an oppressive centralised authority with a monopoly on force.

from ShortList Magazine

Greatest Superhero Gif Ever

Pretty cool, really awesome (also spans DC and Marvel, I can't pick one over the other) just wish there were 2; one for Avengers and X-Men (I wanna see Nat okay) and one for the Justice League (but we need the Titans so we can have Nightwing too)

My Chemical Romance Breaks Up- March 22nd >> >> >> >>>>

Representatives of Sirius Minerals, the MoD and RAF Fylingdales -

from InStyle UK

We’re Officially Obsessed With Angelina Jolie’s Workwear Wardrobe

And her apologising incessantly and trying to change back and getting spiky black hair and green eyes but with a Tonks body, and with the only thought on her mind that she f!cked up and hurt them