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How Patty Duke Gave Hope to Millions Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, actress Patty Duke became an advocate for mental health causes. (Original airdate: October

A new conversation-based screening method is being tested in job interview situations by researchers at the University of Sussex to help businesses identify the best candidates for a job.

Make War & Hunger History Please Please Please. I know we say we can't do it alone, but one person playing one itsy bitsy tiny tiny role, can surely make a difference when their act ricochets across millions stepping in to lend an itsy bitsy tiny tiny hand! - Melissa


People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About

A single moment of misunderstanding is sometime so poisonous, it makes us forget within a minute the hundreds of loveable moments spent together, and the relation gets broken in a second which was built in millions of seconds. Don't hasten to break your marriage by simply listening to others without knowing the facts. A broken marriage will only make you alone, and you will be the one suffering at the end!

The Deadliest Art in the World - Luke Jerram makes the deadliest art in the world. His subjects have caused pain and suffering for hundreds of millions of people throughout history. They are infectious, they are resilient, and they are everywhere. Photography by Luke Jerram HOW THE DEADLIEST ART IN THE WORLD WAS MADE -The Collaborators: University of Bristol virologist Andrew Davidson, glassblowers, Kim George, Brian Jones and Norman Veitch - Took inspiration from…

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America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail

At Cook County, where a third of those incarcerated suffer from psychological disorders, officials are looking for ways to treat inmates less like prisoners and more like patients.

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20 Things to Remember If You Love A Person With Depression

So, recognize that at their core, depressed individuals are intelligent, inquisitive, curious and creative. This is a positive, not a negative