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Ohioans in OH-2 Congressional District, I'm asking for your vote on May 6, 2014. After I win primary, it's on to beat Tea Party Wenstrup on November 4.

What Is The Basis For Corporate Personhood?

Corporate Personhood: A Fiction Citizens United

Tea Party darling Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) has been doing his best to walk back his comments about requiring poor kids to work for their school meals so they can learn that there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”, but what he hasn’t been so upfront about are all the free lunches he’s been getting as a Congressman: free lunches to the tune of $4200.

35 reasons why I'm liberal I’m a liberal because I believe in a Constitution that is meant to evolve, grow and progress. I’m a liberal because I believe in a country that builds our society to benefit 100% of its citizens, not just the top 2%. And while my side of the political spectrum might not be perfect, it damn sure beats the alternative.

Proud to be Host Committee and guest speaker at Tea with Friends of Alice Paul - critical that Voter Rights are expanded & ERA is ratified.