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"A theatre's as good a place as any for magic." - Sherry Shonin, the Flying Trunk.

How often you should wash everything

This guide informs you how often you need to wash every fabric item in your home from dressing gowns to shower curtains to bath mats and pillow cases. From every week up to every six months, it's certainly very useful.

Fuck. I'm having such a good day

Window films instead of curtains. Imagine this in a dance studio or something like that?

The doors to the town's old theatre opened and people rushed in trying to find a good seat. Classical music played over speakers. Everyone knew it would abruptly when the show was starting. Young actors and actresses ran around backstage trying to apply makeup, safety pin togas, and giving each other words of encouragement. Eliza and Mitchell sat huddled together in the stuffy area behind the curtain near a small fan practicing lines. It was time to kill Caesar.

Decorating A Bohemian Home: Ideas and Inspiration

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cute hats finding the perfect curtains trying new recipes rainy days teamwork boys who give you piggy back rides

Matilda the Musical - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Opening in April 2013 Very good Reviews in London

Where can I get this? Because this is a pretty accurate description of what is going on in my shower daily.