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Sun Valley, Idaho

Foam Roll || Hips This moves will help you recover and realign after a big day on a bike, 1/2 marathon, or strenuous hike. Foam Roll Quads Foam Rolling is a self-myofascial release stretching technique that regenerates and rejuvenates muscles and other soft tissue affected by an overzealous workout. Place the roller perpendicular to your thigh and lie over it. Find any sore spot and hold it for 30 seconds or until the pain subsides. Clothes :

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How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

Ahhh...i really needed this! jus' plain rolling was getting boring! Want to improve flexibility, performance, and reduce injuries? Get to know the foam roller! This infographic covers all the essential moves to rock (n' roll) that next workout.

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7 Awesome Ways to Use a Foam Roller

These are fantastic stretch/self massage techniques for sciatic/low back/hip and thigh/hamstring pain. Seven awesome ways to use a foam Roller.

Say good-bye to sore neck muscles from doing too many crunches! Try Happy Baby, a move where you move the arms and legs simultaneously, as you brace your core muscles!

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Get Toned Thighs in Just One Month

Wall Squat, The Move 2. Keeping knees hip-width apart, slide down the wall until you are in a chairlike position. Your legs should not go any lower than a right angle to the floor. Hold position for 30 seconds; work up to five minutes. Read more: Thigh Toning Workout - Tone Thighs - Good Housekeeping

Want a great all-body exercise? Bird Dog is a fantastic exercise that challenges all 29 groups of muscles that make up the core. #abs#core#essential core

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Push-Up Walk-Over

Push-Up Walk-Over. Modify this great move by starting in a kneeling position behind the BOSU. Trains chest, core and arm muscles!

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Stretchy When Wet: Stretches to Do in the Shower

Shower Yoga | Standing Backbend Here's a stretch to increase flexibility in your lower back while stretching your abs, chest, and shoulders. Plus, it's a great way to rinse conditioner out of your hair while getting in a good stretch. Stand with your feet hips width distance apart. Bend your elbows and place your palms on your lower back so your fingers are pointing up. Press the heels of your palms down as you bring your gaze up.