minna may » blog; just taking the storm, slow and steady each day, as much as I can bear, I'll never let go of my dreams for the future.

Quotes She turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans.

Vincent Van Gogh quote: I feel that there is nothing more artistic than to love people.

Great reminder.  via Jan's Page of Awesomeness! >.

When sending their kids out the door in the morning, some moms will say, "Don't forget your lunch! Be good! Make good friends! Learn something new! Remember who you are!" When sending them into the world moms say this "Don't forget to be awesome!

smiths <3

It takes guts to be gentle and kind - The Smiths. Guts sounds like courage, i'm not sure that i have that anymore.


Live in the present moment--that is the point of power to change your life! I need to remind myself of this from time to time.

Do it with passion or not at all

One of the keys to success is passion. If you care about something or want it naturally you won't need to force yourself to work on it. The passion will be your fuel. Only work on things you are passionate about.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Jasmine Dowling Typography .Guess we better actually get out of bed and to the gym then!


Every accomplishment starts with a dream. Inspired action makes the dream reality.

Coffee -create- sleep

Happy {Back to Basics} Weekend

I just want to drink coffee, and create stuff, and sleep. - sounds like the perfect life!

Why the hell not

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You Are Not Everybody

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tea and warm socks

all you need is tea and warm socks.or wine and warm socks? Oh okay tea works too haha