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The Italian Coffee Company en Guanajuato, Guanajuato

Fabric manipulation and textile design - by Marit Jujiwara fabric textile manipulation fashion design inspiration

The coolest king in the world… I would feel safe in a country ruled by a man with this sense of humor. ^_^

The coolest king in the world…

King Gustav of Sweden. The king with hilarious hats. Sweden has the best royals!



This not my sort of style of face piece as it is more about the hat and the mask seems more added to help make the garment more intresting.


Editorial: Untold - Akos at ICON photographed by Balint Barna and styled by Anna Kovalik with pieces from Sandor Lakatos and Kolos Schilling, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Hair: Travis @ Hairclub Make up artist: Natasa Kovalik.

The amount of detailed tubes and rolls of paper make the work almost overwhelming, but I like the amount of detail. How the tubes are at different heights, it makes the work look random yet well-planned at the same time.

Intricate Paper Frocks

Intricate Paper Frocks - This 'Pratt + Paper & Ralph' Pucci Exhibit is Sure to Amaze (GALLERY) i like the texture of this, also how it is not a full body piece


The Burberry Company started in but became famous when in during WWI, they fashioned an officer's coat into a fashionable an item that soon was called a "trench coat.

TREADWEAR COSTUME DESIGN & POSTPRODUCTION Carl Elkins @ Mierswa-Kluska PHOTOGRAPHY Mierswa-Kluska HAIR & MAKE-UP Susan Voss-Redfern María José Castañer


Treadwear costume design & postproduction Carl Elkins @ Mierswa-Kluska photography: Mierswa-Kluska hair & make-up: Susan Voss-Redfern, María José Castañer