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from BBC Food

How to make curry paste

Stock your fridge with homemade curry paste for maximum flavour.

I thought I had seen everything there was to see about narcissists and then I see this - Y E S ! ! !

Fresh cucumbers and French green clay combine in this skin-soothing cold process soap recipe. (It's palm free too!)

Llyr, in Celtic mythology, leader of one of two warring families of gods; according to one interpretation, the Children of Llyr were the powers of darkness, constantly in conflict with the Children of Dôn, the powers of light. In Welsh tradition, Llyr and his son Manawydan, like the Irish gods Lir and Manannán, were associated with the sea. Llyr’s other children included Brân, a god of bards and poetry; Branwen, wife of the sun godMatholwch,and Creidylad

30 Days of DIY: Day 20 - DIY Magazine Art Bowl | The Frugal Navy Wife

Quilting done on a home machine. Stretched out wavy decorative stitch and straight stitching (in different colors) shows up beautify on the white squares. Adorable baby quilt!

from Prima

Try our teddy bear knitting pattern

This super-cute soft toy in a jacket makes a great gift for children (or grown-ups), and it's easy to make with our free smart teddy bear knitting pattern.

Malia has the worst parents like her mom/mum tried to kill her and her dad is Peter hale