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Gram -Negative Bacteria, Chemicals with Gram(-)icide Activity 1,8-CINEOLE AGROPYRENE MIC=>200 ug/ml AJOENE ALLICIN 8-12 ppm CHELERYTHRINE GALLIC-ACID MIC=1,000 ug/ml METHYL-GALLATE MIC=12.5-50 ug/ml PROANTHOCYANIDINS SANGUINARINE LD50=292 (ivn rat) THYMOHYDROQUINONE MIC=50-200 ug/ml THYMOL MIC=50-200 ug/m ----

Describing a Red Blood Cell Population Using RBC Indices and Red Cell Distribution Width, presented by MediaLab

Imms exams? Full flowchart of immune system, easy to remember. Inc cell mediated, humoral, aquired & innate. Will let you know if it works by Monday ;) For those of us who have better things to do than learn the details of how the body defends intself, Nobel website has clear & simple explaination :