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Supergirl / Powergirl #supergirl #powergirl #dccomics #illustration #art #comics -

These Female Heroes by Jeff Chapman are amazing examples of what DC Comics movies should be based on … if they want success.

A girl’s gotta be her own hero every now and again. #arrow #theflash #lot

DVR-ing #Supergirl tonight, but I still really enjoy this show. Looking forward to catching up later!


DC Cinematic Universe Phase 2: Fan Casting

Supergirl - Sarge note: I REEEEALLLY hate the petulant "I hate Earth, why can't I stay on Krypton" attitude, and words cannot frame how much I hate those boots.

Even superheroes need a posse! Melissa Benoist introduced adorable Girl Scouts to a sweet, furry friend.

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Harley quinn and power girl tpb vartox amanda conner dc comics 3/2 mg

Harley Quinn & Power Girl #2 Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Stéphane Roux (CA) Amanda Conner Vartox is a totally creepy and super macho space dictator - though he is terrible fond of Power Girl. Harley and Power Girl are not terribly fond of him. Violence and shenanigans begin in 3...2...1...

Supergirl by Caleb Thomas *<< this is one of the rare pictures of a superhero that's a girl that isn't showing cleavage or is super thin. Therefore, I'm pinning it.

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Show Your Love For DC Comics Heroines With These Dreamy 1940s Pin-Ups!

Show Your Love For DC Comics Heroines With These Dreamy 1940s Pin-Ups! Supergirl

Girl Power! All female Justice League! Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Vixen, Black Canary, PowerGirl, Huntress, Mary Marvel, StarGirl, Zatana, Mera, Jade and Hawkgirl. This is going to be available HavenCon April 4th and 5th. •Robby Cook