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Muradit, Surma, Ethiopia Muradit, a fierce and renowned Surma stick fighter, paints his face with white chalk to intimidate his ememies at the Donga stick fights. He will fight to prove his masculinity and to win a wife.

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Local and national businesses support the Indy Cancer Walk in Indianapolis. Proceeds go Morris Animal Foundation for canine cancer research.

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HLSK Australian Opal Ring Handmade delicate ring with one beautiful natural Australian Opals Solid Sterling Silver Colours in each stone will slightly vary Rad Statement ring!

JULIANNE MOORE  Julianne Moore got the chance to play the classic good twin, evil twin soap role when she starred as both Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on As the World Turns. Moore—formerly Julie Smith—moved to New York in 1983 and two years later landed her job playing British and American half sisters with two distinct personalities.

Julianne Moore on the set of the soap opera "As the World Turns" (costume party scene)

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Jewish woman in party outfit in the Dra Valley, Morocco. By Jean Besancenot,

2000 made for TV Peter Pan movie with Cathy Rigby. Tiger Lily was played by Dana Solimando.

Check out these gals who've played Tiger Lily in various Peter Pan adaptations!

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Kiara Kabukuru and Debra Shaw in Paris, la Couture Photographer: Peter Lindbergh Dresses: Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 1997 Vogue Italia March 1997