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This project dedicated to our fears, this special pattern is a graphic variation of the endpaper of the artistic book. Body dancing pattern. Filos | Fobos

from Society6

Lineart_bird iPhone & iPod Case

Lineart_bird iPhone & iPod Case by Kristina Drozdovskaya - $35.00

Project about the perfection and imperfection, fears and beauty, symmetry and pattern. Mystic what surrounding us. Filos | Fobos

This project dedicated to our fears and visualisation of them. Faceless, as we are before we create our identity. First impression? Fear to stay without Identity. Filos | Fobos

from hatshark

Apple iPhone 6 Custom Case White Plastic Snap On - 'Bloody Couple' Vampire Date Silhouettes w/ Moon & Bats

HAEMATOPHAGY [noun] also spelt as hematophagy, haematophagia, hematophagia; the practice of certain animals of feeding on blood (from the Greek words, haima “blood” and phagein “to eat"). Since blood...

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calvin and hobbes star moon iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Case

from Coverlads

Vintage Cinderella Sketch Art Drawing Case Cover Design for Blackberry

Feast on our beautiful designs! Here at Coverlads we have a HUGE selection of high quality phone case designs crafted to perfection. Come and grab yours today!