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Глубже в лужи! Выбираем резиновые сапоги.  http://www.domashniy.ru/article/moda-i-stil/modnaya-obuv/glubzhe_v_luzhi_vybiraem_rezinovye_sapogi.html

swackett Weather Fun Fact: After rain has moved through, what's often left is an earthy-musty whiff of wetness. This is the aroma of geosmin, a metabolic by-product of bacteria or blue-green algae.

Fotografia de alta velocidade de Edward Horsford capta uma balões pop em 1/40, 000ths de segundo.

Edward Horsford‘s High-speed photography captures a water balloons pop at of a second.

rain on apple trees and chickens

“British Summer Time” by Jenifer Bunnett.so true, we have just had the wettest Summer in 100 years!

Shahriar Erfanian

What a cute engagement picture idea! An umbrella can be the perfect addition to any wedding, event or photo shoot,

.love the hat.  Wanna get one for a prop, and maybe for me, too

It reminds me of when I was a little girl. I would hold my Moms camera and look through it just like this girl. Loved cameras since as far back as I can remember.