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Map by Daelin

City map by Daelin

A hidden Elven Town, population of 5,749 and covers 95 acres of land

A hidden Elven Town, population of and covers 95 acres of land

Idonka. A mostly militarized city with small farm lands inside the protective wall. The city appears medieval in design and architecture. But the technology of it rests under the ground. Stream and and heat in the stone of the caverns are us

Hilltop Castle walled Town Knight Fall Legendary pixel artist Yuriy Gusev a. Fool (remind me to do an artist feature about him) released a fun flash game with Vlad Golcea, Alexander Buler (music) and Cezar Cazan.

11187154_1063194570375661_7294020549897174241_o.jpg 679×960 pixels

2015 One-Page Dungeon Contest Finalists: MonkeyBlood Design's "Escape the Oubliette"

pellinore3.png 305×853 pixels

Magic-User school, Imagine magazine (Sept Pelinore campaign world