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Relax..Relax, that is the key. Soften the thigh, the ankle the knee. To close the leg, you use the calf. Let the seat work on the back half. Use that core a little bit more. Don't let the hands take all the galore. Elbows in for out is a sin, and don't forget to lift the chin. Controlling the angles soft n' light, helps any equestrian to ride a horse right. -Kairen Jamieson

from Alabama Chanin

Donovan Coat

Open Cara)) I ride into the town my cloak draped lightly over my head. I avoided going to town but today I had to. I had to resupply. I halt my horse in front of the blacksmiths shop and dismount. "He needs his front shoes replaced." I say handing him off to the blacksmith. I turn and walk swiftly from the stable my eyes catching yours as we pass by. My steps falter just barley before a tip my chin up and keep walking. A little later as I'm walking out of the general store I see you again…