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Thai Pork Fried Rice - Allrecipes.com

Use boneless pork chops and cooked rice to make a spicy, flavorful Thai-style fried rice dish with tomatoes, bean sprouts, and grape tomatoes.

Tomato and Bacon Pasta Bake Recipe - Allrecipes.com

Tomato and Bacon Pasta Bake "This is a fantastic twist on an ordinary pasta bake. Quick and easy to make and one which you can use forever!

Fried Rice Restaurant Style

A great way to use up leftover rice, this quick fried rice cooks up with frozen peas, baby carrots, eggs, and soy and sesame sauces.

Fried Rice Restaurant Style--try with cauli rice, frozen veggies and this reviewer's tips: "I cooked it in beef broth instead of the water and added a little minced garlic, grated ginger, sesame oil and green onions! Just like the restaurant!"

Fried Rice Restaurant Style - Great recipe with lots of options. MUST use cold rice, c soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce.

Fried Rice Restaurant Style

Fried Rice Restaurant Style

Sweet and Sour Pork III - Allrecipes.com cook the meat and veggies at the same time (different pans) to save time.

Sweet and Sour Pork III - Cubed pork and stir-fried vegetables are coated in a mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce prepared with simple ingredients.

Here is my recipe for the perfect sushi rice. You can eat this alone or roll into your favorite sushi roll with ingredients of choice. I use strips of carrots, cucumbers and slices of avocado. You can adjust the amount of vinegar in this recipe to suit your taste.

Did you know that egg is the key to great fried rice? This is a quick easy recipe of instant rice fried with egg, onion, green beans and soy sauce.

Home Rice Japanese

A surprising mix of flavors, this dish can be served as a breakfast or brunch. Originally received from my Japanese mother, I simplified both the recipe and the name. I believe the original name was 'Om Rice' but my family just calls it 'Home Rice'!

Shredded Pork Taco Filling

Made in a pressure cooker, this tender, mildly-spiced pork taco filling is ready to be dressed up with the sauces and condiments of your choice. Serve in corn or flour tortillas.