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THEORY Theory Men'S Pannos T Axis Terry Sweatpant. #theory #cloth #

Quote by Terry Pratchett About science

So sad....FRANCE!! WHA-?WHY? - Thanks for sending @Hannah Mestel Mestel Bowling

Gerita - Hetalia musical<<< why have I not seen this yet?! I must find this immediately.

Marvel Comics: Scarlet Witch- member of the Avengers. Mutant superhero.

Terry Pratchett and the TARDIS! What a cool companion for the Doctor!


Sawdust Is Man Glitter Ceramic Mug

Sawdust Is Man Glitter Ceramic Mug - for the butch bear in your life!

The cats appear around the time that the people in the nation start keeping cats as pets, and will live as long as that continues. But they ...

Many are called but few are chosen,the word goes out to all. let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.