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ITALIAN-Creamy Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms Guaranteed rich and will never give you any regret. If you want to keep your game watchers satisfied, then serve these magical mushrooms – yes because they do magic with its amazing taste. #TeelieBlog

Simple Sicilian-Style Grilled Steak What’s not to love with steak? This recipe is a perfect epitome of: flavorful meat. Aside from that, we can’t resist the delicious taste of the marinade. Trust us, you won’t regret each and every part of this steak. #TeelieBlog

GET GEAR FOR THE BIG GAME like Alec.. #superbowl50

ITALIAN-Chicken Kiev- “Chicken Kiev has all of our favorite things going on: herbs, garlic, lemon, white wine, and, of course, lots of butter. The chicken breasts stay moist when they’re cooked this way — and the sauce lightens it all up.” This chicken recipe entails a classic but amazing taste that anyone will surely go for. Chicken Kiev is an all-time favorite party dish. #superbowlrecipes

Tailgate Paella Well the name speaks for its purpose. But we guarantee this meal will satisfy a lot of your party visitors! It’s better to grill this paella if you’re already at the game. You’ll be excited with the savory smokiness it’ll bring. This recipe can serve up to 15 hungry party people. #SuperBowl50

PRETZEL SHORTBREAD COOKIES- Sweets are still a must for parties. These cute but luscious cookies will keep your sweet tooth guests satisfied. #superbowldesserts

Andrew Feinberg s Slow-Baked Broccoli Frittata Celebrate Christmas the Italian way. It’s a delectable frittata with a twist. Andrew tried a different method in cooking eggs for frittata which turned out great. Everyone will get to enjoy the savory taste of the broccolis too. A yummy and creamy meal you shouldn’t miss. Bon Appetit! #TeelieBlog

Brigadeiro (The Favorite Brazilian Sweet) #TeelieBlog