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Tie-Dye Jaguar Cushma - William Siegal Gallery

West Africa | Wrapper made from two wide strips of cotton; The cloth has been tie, and stitch, dyed, with indigo. Stitch dying is more prominent on the right half. | ca. prior to 1934.

STRIPED MANTLE Proto-Nasca Culture - South Coast of Peru 0 - 200 AD Camelid Wool Yarns and Natural Dyes 44 1/2 x 55 in.

This kind of weaving is made by the Jalq’a people from Potolo in Bolivia on leaning vertical looms. There is barely any space that does not contain a motif. You even see motifs within motifs but, as the idea is to convey a sense of chaos, it all feels and looks just right, doesn’t it? - from Laverne Waddington's Backstrap Weaving blog

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