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Our junk - this is from an art site. However the display makes one think and realize how much trash we produce and how we pollute with it our planet. And I'm NOT a eco-nazi tree-hugger

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Carol's Teaching Garden: September 2014

How long to decompose? Cigarette butts based on on type of filter and (wet/dry) environmental conditions. I've seen data that says cigarette butts could take as long as 50 years.

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plastic soep, hoe het uiteenvalt in kleine stukjes

plastic soep, hoe het uiteenvalt in kleine stukjes

Peppe Gola...

Peppe Gola...

Photographer Gregg Segal's 7 Days of Garbage challenged households to be pictured lying in a week's work of their own trash to bring attention to waste in our society

Gregg Segal's 7 Days of Garbage: People Lying in Their Own Trash

Elias Jessica Azai and Ri-karlo pictured by Gregg Segal a photographer from California lying in 7 days worth of their rubbish

if the air does not safe to breath that is the start that we need to buy  air,and of course profit for the company. we are going to worse...

Award-winning filmmaker Alison Teal, from Hawaii, visited Thilafushi – or Trash Island - an artificial island created as a municipal landfill situated to the west of Malé.

A roundup of funny and provocative cartoons by the nation's top cartoonists.: Campaign Firsts

Political Cartoons of the Week

- Chronicle endorses Clinton: Presidency requires "a steady hand"; Discriminatory Voter ID laws struck down in 3 states