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Beautiful Photo of Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick, Cumbria, England. There are 38 stones in a circle approximately 98 ft. in diameter. Within the ring is a rectangle of a further 10 standing stones. It was probably built around 3000 BCE – the beginning of the later Neolithic Period – and is one of the earliest stone circles in Britain. castlerigg stone circle | Rich Gale › Portfolio › Castle Rigg Stone Circle

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Seahenge has a sister: Second timber circle found off Norwich coast

The Holme timber circle discovered in 1998 was dubbed Seahenge (pictured) after Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Its discovery was heralded as one o...

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A Two-Hour and 40-Minute Real-Time Animation of the Sinking of the Titanic

Is a video game recreation of the sinking of the Titanic — which killed more than passengers and crew a little over 100 years ago — educational or tasteless? The questions through the two and...

La ciudad de Colonia, Alemania en Abril de 1945. Colonia era una de las ciudades más industrializadas de Alemania. Los bombardeos aliados comenzaron en 1940 y se extendieron hasta 1945. El bombardeo más grande tuvo lugar en Agosto de 1944 donde 348 aviones descargaron más de 9000 bombas. En la foto se notan los puentes destruidos como así también gran parte de la zona sur de la ciudad.